What’s on your mind?

I think the best way to know someone is ask about their current concerns, here I made a poem with mine:

It does not rhyme, but it is mine…

So, what is it about?… That is easy, turn on the news or check whatever app you use to keep informed (facebook, twitter). What do you see?

Let me guess, there are some ludicrous things going on, there are upcoming events of general interest (soccer games, concerts, etc) and there are horrible atrocities, a few are natural disasters but most are human-crafted atrocities.

A child killed by their parents.

A girl who did not survive rape.

A man killed with his whole family.

Such a common Monday, right? Sad, but inevitable, those stories could petrify us, we should not let them though.

The best I can do right now is write about it, but I am looking out for solutions if you mind sharing any…

Thanks for caring, time to react… is it not?

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