“I am single…”

Today (Feb 14) I am betting your civil status comes to mind, I used to think being single was what I wanted to live and would live undefinitely but as my 21 springs come closer I encounter that “It´s complicated” seems to be the more accurate answer… no, I am not living a love triangle as you can see is the status quo for many female leads in movies or series nowadays (or is this a forever trope? more on that at another time though) and, mind me, impossible love stories just don´t appear realistic to me in my environment despite infinity of problems we all endure in 2020´s Mexico. (running away from politics, for today)

Truth is, when someone is interested I am not – there is nothing wrong with them, I presume -and therefore, I become the one in the wrong, tha bad guy ( this cliché has been revived and I am sticking to it, despite the song) and guess what? I am cool with being the crazy lady with the cats, I think at least that such living style is just fine if you enjoy it or be a man-eater/womanizer if it suits you, I mean it! Let karma be karma an do your best…

Do I have impossible crushes on purpose?… perhaps, let´s keep that within my theraphy for the time being.

But I am questioning not the existence of a day commemorating either fertility, love or consumism (respect either way in here, actually considering selling roses since it could be more profitable than writing) … I am doubting – instead of doing homework or going out with friends (I swear I care about you, just here in need of a mental day) – beyond types of love, the value of self-love… did you wake up and greeted yourself with a warmer smile? a friendly hug or gesture alike? a happy message or a well-though gift? Is this day pressuring your wallet because you can´t afford all the nicest thing your loved ones wish for? Are you sad because of the people who are not longer in your life for whatever reason?

My recommendation is: LOVE you… before you wrap your purchases or handcrafted tokens of affection, first of all: you are the only one who is going to be with you for a lifetime -with luck enough-, so do every activity you want to today, be pleased to be with who you want to be (even if is just you) and laugh or cry as per taste given is just another day and that is a gift itself.

Fortune abide you are getting the love you deserve from the others + are currently able to love yourself through sharing what you can and want with your family, friends and others… yet here is to everything being better if we hold ourselves and spread that wellness.

Happy TODAY!

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